New Heat- Feature Interview

October 6, 2018




New Heat, a brand new band out of Tempe, Arizona are making a name for themselves in the industry. They recently put out a self-titled EP, you should check out their song "PageUp". We recently had the opportunity to chat with them.


GMAT: What inspires you most when writing?


NH: Life. We get together and draw from our personal experiences, trying to take negative things we have going on and turn them into positive music and songs.


GMAT: How would you describe your sound?


NH: A mix of hip-hop, pop, and psychedelic/indie influences


GMAT: Your self-titled debut EP came out on September 28 how does that make you feel?


NH: This EP is completely different from anything we have ever created in the past. We’re extremely proud of the result and excited to not have to limit ourselves creatively.


GMAT: What kind of music do you listen to?


NH: Everything from funk, R&B, hip-hop to hardcore and metal.


GMAT: When did you first start playing music?


NH: We both started at a young age, we’ve each been playing music for around 15 years.


GMAT: Is there a message that you want people to take away from your music?


NH: Not being afraid to express yourself, no matter how strange or odd you think that may be.


GMAT: Why did you start music?


NH: Austin got started at 8 years old, when he took a liking to music he would hear in church.

Crimmins didn’t start until he was a teenager, falling in love with early 2000’s pop-rock on the radio.


GMAT: Your first show was September 21st opening for Yungblud what was your biggest take away?


NH: Yungblud is an incredible performer and we were honored to share the stage with him. He’s a very genuine dude off the stage as well, which is always nice to see. We’re just excited to finally start playing these songs live, thats where we are the happiest.


GMAT: What inspired you to write "Why You so Ready to Die"?


NH: People who are addicted to being negative. Sometimes when you start down that road, it can become a slippery slope. We both try really hard to be positive people and write positive music, and have had to work through a lot of negativity to get here.


GMAT: How did you guys meet?


NH: We met playing in separate local bands when Austin was only 18 years old. Eventually we would come together and start an alternative rock band called Something Like December with some other friends which we played in together for a few years before going off on our own for what would become New Heat.


GMAT: Why did you choose the name "New Heat"?


NH: We wanted something that would represent how fresh and original our sound would be. This band is a big blank state for us, and we wanted people to understand that just from the name of the band.


GMAT: What is your favorite memory from a concert that you went to?


NH: Austin getting to see KISS and Motley Crue with his dad in high school.


GMAT: What song off of your EP has the most meaning to you?


NH: PageUp has the most meaning because that’s where we pushed our boundaries the most musically and just wrote something that we believed in, and didn’t worry about fitting into a specific genre or style. We just did us.

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