New Music Alert: Charli XCX and Troye Sivan

October 6, 2018


"Go back to 1999" with this nostalgia-filled collab between chart-topping pop superstar Charli XCX and indie pop singer Troye Sivan (both have huge followings, especially within the LGBTQ community). This single is a rollercoaster of fun and punchy lyrics, with a danceable and party-worthy beat, reminiscent of XCX's 2016 EP "Vroom Vroom". The track is about wanting to go back in time to 1999 and live it up with lyrics like; "Nike Airs, all that. CD in an old Mercedes. Driving around listening to Shady" The vocals work quite well with each other, the layering of XCX's bright and poppy vocals with Sivan's more toned down and chill sound works to give this track a refreshing edge. This song is bound to be on any party playlist and rightfully so. 


Check it out: 



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