The Declan McKenna Revolution

October 3, 2018

David Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury. These three men defined rock through honest expressiveness and a passion for their work. Stepping up to the plate is nineteen-year-old Declan McKenna.


McKenna has already made a name for himself with his politically charged hit single “Brazil” and his tragic teen anthem “Paracetamol”. His music challenges the views of our world under the disguise of his catchy and bubbly style. Listening closely leads to the discovery of McKenna’s true intentions. For example, in his single “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”, McKenna critiques the modern family. Most, if not all, of McKenna’s contain easter eggs of philosiphical criticism and truths.


However, McKenna not only challenges what the world is, but he challenges what the world wants him to be as well. Just like the greats before him, McKenna artistically expresses his femininity without being scared of the consequences. In both his videos and his performances you can see the bright colors and grand makeup that radiate his artistic energy. It makes not only for a great artist, but an awesome performer.


What Do You Think About the Car?, McKenna’s debut album, is the perfect mixture of synth-pop and rock. He puts his own spin on what modern music should be. Straying from the formula of radio pop, McKenna writes music for people who care. To experience all of McKenna’s glory, one has to listen!


Check out his spotify here!



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