New Band Alert: MILKK

September 28, 2018


Self-described as "that internet boy-band", MILKK is certainly one of a kind. The trio made up of Pat Kiloran, Jack Vondrachek, and John Ogelby started gaining a following due to an awesome and sometimes hilarious social media following, and certainly have strong music to go alongside their tweets. This group, perfect for fans of LANY, joan, and COIN, have just released a new single entitled "Thinkin Bout U". The track is heavily synth-dominant and contains a lot of dynamic and lively sounds to accompany Kiloran's soft pop-like vocals. The track almost feels very The 1975 in production- the sound is infectious and makes a great combination of many diverse layers of sound. The track has a chill and almost sad feel, but there is energy as well. The song perfectly encompasses longing for a lover- there is a clear forlorn yet romantic vibe to the lyrics. This song follows up a 2018 where MILKK dropped two EPS- entitled "Sad Girls" and "If You're Reading This, I Love You" respectively. This new single carries on the band's clear talents and catchy tracks. This certainly could be your next favorite band- just give them a try! :)



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