New Band Alert: Hardcastle

September 28, 2018


This Nashville-based quartet, self-described as "pop-rock" is brimming with talent. The brand new track entitled "I Never Knew" (released last Friday) is a primary example. The song features a chill and relaxed beginning with dreamy keys and synth- and slowly incorporates drums and guitar that eventually explodes into an electric riff that is bound to make your foot start tapping. The tempo increase is gradual throughout the track, and it really builds up into an exciting and dynamic tune. This group, been around since 2013, is starting to really gain momentum- and they sure bring a lot of great indie pop-rock sound to the table. Fans of The 1975, flor, and Colouring would fall in love with Hardcastle! Be sure to shoot them a follow on social media and look out for new tracks! And check out the video for "I Never Knew": 



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