Floor Space: Pennsylvania Punk Rock

September 28, 2018



From one How I Met Your Mother fan to another, Floor Space’s “Scherbatsky” is a wonderful representation of the life and one could say, love story, of Robin Scherbatsky and Ted Mosby. It’s not every day there’s is a song written specifically for a television character, or as obvious as this one is. Usually, there are slight mentions or hints to our favorite personas. This is different. This is directly about Robin and Ted. How many other songs are like this? Personally, I don’t think there are many. The style and sound of “Scherbatsky” flow nicely with the other songs on the album yet stand out the most because of the uniqueness to the television series.


Between stealing a blue french horn and Robin sitting on the morning news, this song paints the picture of the nine-season television show. If you adore either Robin or Ted, you will instantly fall in love with this song. Regardless, every fan of the show should stream this song at least once. Even if you have never watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother before, this song is detailed enough to create an image of a love story. Like it or not, it’s a creative spin on rock and roll, pop-punk music.


Based out of Pennsylvania, Floor Space’s rock and roll, pop-punk sound stands out more than the rest. On top of referencing to How I Met Your Mother, Floor Space references Judd Nelson who has played characters from the Breakfast Club and many other notable movies. Floor Space’s songs also take in consideration of our current real-world problems like politics, mental illnesses, alcohol, and relationships. These topics, some hard to talk about, are important and relatable matters majority can relate to.



Recently, they’ve opened up for bands like CKY along with short tours up and down the east coast with bands like Cedar Green, Keep Flying, and Megaweapon. Floor Space is not currently on tour, but stay connected with Floor Space on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for future projects and tours.


On their Bandcamp, you can stream and purchase their (just turned) one-year-old debut self-titled LP. This LP features “Scherbatsky” and “Judd Nelson” as well as other fan favorites like “Blood Money” and “You Did That”. You can stream Floor Space on Spotify as well and contribute to the over 10,000 streams on their LP.  


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