Photo Gallery: YUNGBLUD

September 24, 2018

New Heat, a brand new band out of Tempe, AZ played their debut show opening for Yungblud. Throughout their set the two-piece got more and more comfortable with being on stage, by the end they were having fun and the crowd was loving them. Check out their song "PageUp".


Rival Coast, a band that is also out of Tempe, AZ was up next. All of the members were wearing black and had a distinct aesthetic. Their song "Pixelated" was definitely a crowd favorite and had everyone moving.


Arrested Youth, from Los Angeles, California were very high energy. As soon as they walked on stage the crowd was buzzing with excitement. The lead singer Ian was allover of the stage having a ton of fun even though he was only performing with one in ear due to technical difficulties. Check out their song "Vans".


Headlining the show was Yungblud, who is from Nothern England. Yungblud also known as Dom was very energetic, always moving around or jumping, never staying still. He had the whole crowd jumping and going crazy. You could feel all of the emotion in the room when he performed his song "Polygraph Eyes", which is about sexual assault. He also performed his song "Doctor Doctor" for the first time live getting the crowd even more riled up. You could tell he was having a complete blast. We had so much fun covering this lively and fun show! 


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