10Cellphones: The Best Name in Music.

September 23, 2018


10Cellphones may not be in your library yet but his name beats everyone who is.


In a world where it feels like every new rapper is either called "Lil (Blank)" or "Kidd (Blank)", it's refreshing to see names that break the industry norm.


North Carolina emcee 10Cellphones has what every new wave rapper should strive for when inventing a name.


He received the nickname in high school for a shocking reason: at the time he had a lot of cell phones.Alright maybe it's not too shocking how he acquired the name but "10Cellphones" appears to be more complex at first look.


Does he have 10 cell phones because too many labels are calling him? Is he trying to cover his cellular tracks? Does he have 10 girlfriends?


All of these are likely possibilities that only make his name more marketable to the hip hop community. There's also a subtle, brilliant simplicity hidden beneath the somewhat confusing surface of the name "10Cellphones".


It's most likely the reason he didn't go with "Lil Data" or "Kidd AT&T". 10Cellphones is a surprisingly fluent phrase and at the very least it makes whoever is seeing it wonder how that could be a musician's name.

There is one thing they know for sure though and that is: dude has a lot of cell phones.


10Cellphones is still on the come up but the combination of his colorful twitter personality and wavy music puts him in position to put up a gross in numbers 2019.


His Soundcloud has just over 12k followers topped with "SOTF" and "Health over Wealth" both of which have over 200k plays respectively.


According to his twitter (@10cellphones) there is a new EP on the way somewhere so make sure to get acquainted with his music sooner rather than later. 10Cellphones will not be underground for long!


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