Baby, We're On Life Support

September 19, 2018





On a recent search through Bandcamp, Philadelphia pop-punk band Timeshares 4-song EP titled “On Life Support” played through my speakers. Between the EP’s cover art is a simple, eye-catching aesthetic, the four songs produced bring life to the story of the cover art as well as a story among themselves. Overall, the 4-song EP represents a white male feeling fear for the first time mixed with societal issues mixed with the loss of a loved one.


Formed in 2009, Timeshares made a comeback in the world of pop-punk in January of this year. With their last release being in 2015, they took their time creating these four songs; four works of art with their hearts poured into it. These songs have resonated with me since the moment they streamed from the Bandcamp tab on my laptop.


"Life Support,” the first track on the EP, greatly represents the struggle one may have with others and with themselves; a theme many can relate to today. This song is a welcoming for the EP. “Life Support” transitions into the second song called "Anxious & Aspy.” This track is told on their Bandcamp as “. . . my favorite Mike-penned tune we’ve released to date and I’m proud of him for putting something this personal on record. . .” With that thought, “Anxious & Aspy” is my personal favorite off of the EP.


The third song on the EP is titled “Bat City,” which, in my mind, brings out the alternative-country vibes Timeshares is classified under alongside pop-punk. These vibes separate Timeshares from other pop-punk bands. Ending the EP is "Ladder,” a track which brings light to the album art yet is an exceptional remembrance for a father; a song that plucks at my heartstrings with each listen.


On their Bandcamp, they remind us, “You might find these songs are a little different than the last ones we released. . . I hope you dig them, though. I imagine you might think similarly of our third full-length record, which we recorded earlier in 2017 and hope also reaches you sooner than later.” This being said, keep your ears open and speakers ready for another Timeshares release in the near future.


Catch them on tour this upcoming October and November with Iron Chic (10/29-11/8).


10/29 New Orleans, Louisiana at Gasa Gasa

10/31 San Antonio, Texas at Movement Gallery

11/1 Austin, Texas at Mohawk

11/2 Denton, Texas at J&J's Pizza

11/3 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 89th Street

11/4 Kansas City, Missouri at Riot Room

11/6 Memphis, Tennessee at Hi Tone Cafe

11/7 Nashville, Tennessee at High Watt

11/8 Louisville, Kentucky at Mag Bar



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