New Music Alert: Grandson

February 9, 2018

 Toronto-based indie rock artist Grandson is one to watch out for. His style is a unique one- blending influences from heavy rock to hip hop to jazz to create a sound like no other. At only twenty-three Grandson is already making a name for himself having seven cohesive singles out- including the Feb 9th release "Overdose." He was raised on all types of music and grew up playing guitar and piano. He then adopted the name after to moving to Los Angeles to pursue music full time. His influences include Rage Against the Machine, twenty one pilots, and artists from the Toronto rap scene. Grandson's tracks somehow combines all of these different elements to create a unified and complete song. He tells Concert Updater that he would "describe it as a contemporary take on alternative rock -- blending different genres of rock I grew up on, like grunge and classic, riff-driven rock & roll with production styles of the hip hop and trap music I'm a fan of now. It’s an unapologetically 2017 take on a rock band." In this modern age of genre-less music he really showcases an innovative spin on things.


His lyrics often deal with the struggles and hardships in life. He says that he is "influenced by the places I go, the people I meet and the relationships I build. I try to be a fan and student first and foremost of both art and human behavior." "Overdose" in particular tells a story familiar to many about "the bad's been slowly getting worse" and needing to escape life. His vocals convey this in a really compelling and true way.


When asked about today’s music scene, he says “I genuinely believe the world needs honest rock and roll, now more than ever”. 



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