New Music Alert: Chae

February 8, 2018

This new collaboration between North American producer Soloh and Middle Eastern singer/songwriter Chae is truly a unique track. The song's production lays down this groovy smooth and snappy beat- intertwined with a chimes addition. This added to the sultry and fun vocals of Chae makes the track bright and dynamic. The song has this funk- jazzy sort of style with an electric added to the chorus and some saxophone added in the ending bridge. Chae came up with the inspiration for the song- which was based on a dream she had. The dream "bloomed into a story that adroitly exemplifies the breaking of traditions in favor of self liberation." The lyrics represent Chae telling someone that their significant other is "never gonna change" from their terrible self. This comes across very evidently in the music video which "addresses the idioms of the loyal wife; enter scene of said wife devoting herself to her devilish husband, struggling to play the role of the ‘perfect little house wife'." It is nice to see some tracks out there pointing out some hardships in this world- in this case women being put under control by their husbands or boyfriends. This track does that in the most sultry and funky way possible- which all together creates a super interesting track. 


Be sure to check out the music video below and Chae and Soloh's social media! 




chæ :



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