Five New Indie-Pop Tracks to Turn

February 5, 2018


1. My My My! by Troye Sivan

 Everyone's favorite youtuber-turned-indie pop singer is back in 2018, releasing his first solo work since 2015's debut LP "Blue Neighbourhood." This first single off of what appears to be a new album in the works is a sexy, fun electronic ride. When asked about the title of the song, cowriter Leland told Paper that "the phrase is an acknowledgement of feeling completely and utterly liberated." Sivan feels utterly liberated on this track for sure. Vocals are distinctive, soft, polished and beautiful. This song has been quick to become a fan favorite and for good reason. This track might be Sivan's best work to date. The production on the track is a step-up from his debut LP and adds a danceable-yet slow and sensual vibe. The track feels really intimate, yet is fun. We cannot wait to see how this new project turns out- and if "My My My!" is any indicator- it should be one for the ages.



2. Normal by Sasha Sloan

 One of the magazine's favorite new talents has released another standout track. Sasha Sloan, who has collaborated with Kygo, Odesza and Charli XCX, has made a name for herself as a solo artist as well. Sloan released this indie-pop track that contains an intimate vibe about not fitting in. She tells Billboard; "I wrote 'Normal' at a time when I was partying a lot. I don’t think I realized it at the time, but I was avoiding all the real problems in my life by going out and pretending to be someone else." That message comes across in the track, Sloan singing "I know this isn't like me. I just want people to like me", as one of the main hooks in the track. Her vocals are smooth and compliment the simple production beautifully. Catch her on tour with Joywave this spring- and watch out for new music!



3. Reckless Lover by Handsome Ghost

 Handsome Ghost has a lot of talent on their hands for sure. This track exhibits what they have to offer perfectly. The chill-flor like vibe, the slow drum beat, and the bright bells all contribute to a soothing yet interesting track. Frontman Timothy Noyes told Ones To Watch that "It’s a song that contrasts how much time has passed and how much everything has changed while focusing on one particular night, where it seems like everything is just as it was before." This comes across as he sings "I couldn't let it go. The night's not over come on tell me it's not," This track seems perfect for a summer road trip or something for a late night drive. Catch Handsome Ghost on tour with flor at the moment- and watch out for new tracks from the long-awaited new LP!


4. Tell Me Tell Me by courtship.

This L.A-based duo is one of our favorites to listen to. The high energy synth and bright vocals compass over all of their tracks, but comes to the most life with last year's "Tell Me Tell Me", which has all of the elements for a summer indie-pop hit. This song is reminiscent of Smallpools and flor, creating a poppy beach vibe with lots of life and energy put into it. The duo told Impose Magazine; "We were sitting around talking, and one of us was like, if every single human feels love, as one of our strongest emotions, why the hell do we hold it back?” “Seems super silly. So anyway, ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ is about just that. Just say it.” A great positive theme for a track and this one is for sure to get you dancing and vibing in an instance! Catch these talented guys on tour with The Hunna and Coasts this spring.


5. Real Good Life by The Mowgli's

 The Mowgli's are for sure having a blast this year. From announcing new tour dates to the release of this track which is the epitome of why The Mowgli's are well loved. This sextet seems to have just a ton of fun with every track they release- this being no exception. The group highlights how its a "real good life" with people you love. Lyrics like "I'd give up anything to be with you. Nothing but blue skies in the rearview," highlight the beach-y type feel these Cali-based musicians try to exhibit. The production is fun and lively, a perfect compliment to lead singers Colin Dieden and Katie Jayne Earl- who's vocals are as fun and distinctive as ever. Catch these guys on tour- they are a great time live and in studio!



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