5 New Indie Rock Tunes to Listen To

November 9, 2017

Sensitive by STRFKR- After Vaults Volumes One and Two, both jam-packed with unknown bops by infectious indie-rock band STRFKR, a third has been announced! This lead single off of Vault Volume Three plays with a variety of sounds. The vocals are soft and well noted per usual, and the song really carries on what you expect when listening to a STRFKR song. The track plays with acoustic guitar in contrast to odd electronic almost windup sounds. Being only about 90 seconds long, the song is short and to the point.

Empires On Fire by Banners- Being known for songs such as "Gold Dust" and "Start A Riot", Banners has released a new track to follow up their 2016 self-titled EP. The track has a major piano backtrack, and maintains an upbeat but still soothing vibe. There is nice buildup in the bridge, which transitions into an explosive chorus. The piano still carries the song and ties it together. Like the debut EP, the main vocals are bold and emotive.

No Wrong by Bahamas- Bahamas is known for stripped down and intimate songs, and this new track off of his recently announced album "Earthtones" is no exception. The track appears about coming home from tour and what stands out is the really nice backing harmonizations-especially with a female incorporation nearing the ending bridge. The track has a really soft, coffeehouse vibe.

Intrepid by Pinegrove- A very stripped down and chill track that is very reminiscent of The Districts. There is strong usage of unique tempo changes, the song builds up and then builds back down with very high tension- and then finally reaches an upbeat spot. Quite an interesting format. Lyrically the track about how a love could not commit. Overall it  a beautiful and dynamic track but still maintains acoustic elements, similar to most of Pinegrove's discography.


Cinderella by The Euphoria- The new single from the Los Angeles based duo is almost reminiscent of New Americana by Halsey in terms of beat and keys- but in a way not at all. It has a very bass dominant backtrack and retro sounding vocals. It is a soothing vocal performance, but emotes a very mellow and driven tone and showcases a lot of range- especially in the ending bridge. A strong showing by this on-the-rise group. 


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