November 1st 2017 - Song Of The Day

November 2, 2017

 Today's Song of the Day is Will T by the Kickback. This South Dakota to Chicago based trio released their second LP over the summer, entitled Weddings and Funerals. The album, in lead singer Billy Yost's words is "a one-sided view of someone trying to work through a divorce." Will T in particular emulates this communal theme, with lyrics such as "Inside my head we're already dead. Sunk before we tried the weight." The sound of the tune is quite upbeat and fun, with a repetition of a recorded laugh serving as the track's chorus that ties everything together. The Kickback seem to pull from a variety of influences, 90's alternative rock aspects being found as well as some indie rock found in the verses. This track has well-written lyrics, and a clapping beat to get you to dance around whatever room you may be in. Be sure to check out both of the Kickback's albums as well- a lot of quality work from the on-the-rise group.


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