Five New Indie-Rock Songs To Listen To

October 30, 2017


1. Passion by Awolnation- The five-piece LA-based alternative rock band known for hit tracks such as "Run," "Sail," and "Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)" released a new song this past week. Awolnation could possibly be teasing at their third LP- but for now, this song is all that's been announced. Both of their albums have featured a heavy mix of electronic and rock- and that has resulted in some intriguing work. "Passion" is no exception, featuring drawn out verses with a soothing sound contrasting with an explosive electric chorus. A heavy rock sounding bass comes into interplay as well. The ending bridge features the title being sung almost in a gospel-choir way, which is very new for the group.  Awolnation is certainly consistent at creating catchy lyrics, this track being up there. The "Passion" chant is sure to be stuck in your head.  This song, similar to "Run"  almost sounds like the soundtrack to a superhero movie in that it is action packed and exciting. 


2. Beg & Crawl by Max Jury - This is a new and captivating sound on the rise in Max Jury- a twenty one year old hailing from Des Moines. Jury, who has toured with artists such as Lana Del Rey, truly excels on this track with a soft, acoustic indie sound- reminiscent of Vance Joy and The Head and the Heart. Some electric can be found under some layers- sounding very classic rock. His lyrics are creative and relatable, especially in "Beg and Crawl", a song about a struggle with a love interest. The bridge is full of strong, yet soft and relaxed vocals. Overall the song is a slower indie track with a lot of promise and Jury showcases his talents on a solid piece. 


3. Further by PROSE- Although this Manchester trio's overall genre is dubbed "American Hip-hop with acoustic guitars and beats"- this song hails as an indie alternative track, although some hip-hop and even pop-punk inspiration can be found in their single "Further." The track is upbeat, with significant electric and drums, although the verses are slowed down and more chill. Lead singer Mike Murray has a deep and emotive voice, a perfect fit for this type of song. Lyrics are relatable and catchy, describing a relationship in trouble and how the relationship went "further" than either one wanted. Be sure to check out this one to watch!


4. Split Stones by Maggie Rogers- Rogers is a twenty-three year old singer-songwriter with such a compelling voice- similar to the likes of Zella Day and Halsey, with more of a softer electric instrumental backing. She rose to fame with her first single "Alaska,", but her body of work is all really strong. This song in particular was inspired by a backpacking trip she had across Oregon,  although the chorus is more upbeat and dance-able- with the verses being slowed down for some emphasis. It also mixes acoustic guitar on the bridge in a bright and interesting way. She showcases a high range and a stunning voice. 


5. Break The Fever by Mutemath-  This trio's latest work has been some of their best. Heavy synth and electric shape this track. The verses sound similar to Awolnation- a soothing tone contrasting with such a booming background. Singer Paul Meany has some pipes, and showcases that on the chorus. The layers on vocals are compelling and creates a dynamic performance. The group combines elements from electronic, pop and alternative to make a throwback- sounding dance-able bop. 

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